DJ Mike Kilah

Listener's Choice

Its all about you listeners. Favourate tunes upon requests.


DJ Mike Kilah

Listener's Choice

Its all about you listeners. Favourate tunes upon requests.


Thursdays, Fridays

He always wanted to start a band named Blended Moods but settled on having a radio show called that instead. Playing Afrobeats and other random music from rock to the occasional Rap and Hip-Hop and Reggae. Atu will enlighten your eardrums and most definitely keep you in a state of terminal chill. So if you want to hear some, well anything you want really, just tune in.

DJ Kay


Dj Kay has big passion for Southern African music he's co-founder of Events Management Company Icons Of Africa with his idol former Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation Radio 2 Presenter Ezra Tshisa Sibanda promoting events in UK including African artists and Djs since 2002.He also Djs at various UK parties, weddings and corporate functions.
Thursdays between 20.00pm and 22.00pm GMT

DJ Lucky


DJ Luckystar affectionately known as ‘ The Teddy bear of Air Waves. He brings in different topics every Fridays ranging from politics, entertainment, religion and social issues with guests from different occupations and backgrounds. Apart from Afrovoice fm, DJ Luckystar had also worked for Sinefm, Doncaster's local radio station as a presenter.
Fridays between 20:00 and 22:00 pm

DJ Mzie


When you tune in to AfroVoiceFM you hear the best Dj's and am one of them know-er as Dj Muzi/Mzie am on air on every Tuesday with the best mixed music, playing nothing but hits at its best. l have worked at BBC radio Leicester,Eava fm and ITV as a TV and radio presenter.



Edwin Mathe AKA Dj Mthemas. He is a dynamic, vibrant, enthusiastic and charismatic Dj of AfroVoice FM, Edwin Mathe as his original name has a lot of people asking him why the name Mthemas? He then explains his philosophy of why he has that title, he says if you know someone that comes in masses and then ask Edwin to take an (a) away from his surname add the mass at the end, you will have the Mthemas. He is the one that comes like a wild wind, the pilot of the airwaves, he comes with the masses of love, music, sweet voice, and fresh African music.

DJ Silver


Silver is well known by his house mixes. A young passionate and entertaining presenter from Soweto SA.
Saturdays between 19:00-21:00 pm



Leo has been a long time lover of music since the 1990’s not only has he conquered the DJ booth, he also enjoyed phenomenal success as one of the top Afro House DJ's in UK. In 2004 Leo was one of the Ebumnandini hosts that stormed the UK with an impressive debut Promoting African artist under Icons Of Africa and introducing House music in those concerts. There were only a few people who loved or understand house music in those days, now it's everywhere of which I'm proud of my work. Leo is also a club DJ for funk deep soulful house music and Sunday session parties.
Fridays 00:00 to 02:00 hrs.

Lorraine Lionheart


The UK based singer songwriter from Botswana will keep you coming back for more insanity every Wednesday night with her wit, her passion for African music and her fascination with life in general. She is a refreshing radio voice and undoubtedly enjoys her time on Afrovoice FM. .
Wednesdays 20:30 to 22:30 hrs.

Genera Mafush

Wednesdays, Thursdays

General Mafush's love for music started at a very young age. My uncles played a lot of Reggae and when I was about 10 years old I could tell you about the likes of Bob Marley, Burning Spear, Culture, Eric Donaldson, Don Carlos just to name a few. The vibes opened my political, social and spiritual eyes.

DJ Duke


Charlse Mahlafuna Thebe popularly known as DJ Duke graces Sundays with his soul soothing selection of Afro-Jazz music. He is a very lively presenter who prides in his work with a dedication of satisfying his listers.
Sundays from 20:00-22:00

DJ Mike Kilah

Saturdays, Sundays

Dj Mike Kilah, also known as Ma-afrique Az One. I specialise in most genres depending on the day and the mood. Sat from 2100hrs till midnight, The Saturday Night Live, on this show expect crazy party tunes from the vintage to the nowadays. Sunday from 2200hrs till midnight.

on air



He was brought up in a Christianity environment, therefore, he followed gospel music closely throughout his entire life. The purpose of this gospel show is to bring people closer to God through praise and worship songs. This show is diverse hence we play gospel music from all over the African continent and the world, including studio-generated and live performances from both famous and up-and-coming artists. Sunday 09:00 to 11:00

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